Which of These 2 AI Stories Feels More True to You?

Honestly asking for your opinion

Erwin Lima


Which one of these two stories feels more true to you?

1. Not much has changed

Not much, if anything at all, has changed fundamentally about us humans or our lives, organizations, and society over the past 15 years or so.

We still eat, we still drink, we still breathe and we still shop.

We still have to work to be able to afford a nice life; we all still seek safety, health, wealth, to some extent status, and maybe even some personal satisfaction or some sense of meaning in our work or other aspects of our lives.

We still go about our lives, sometimes thinking about but generally not much bothered by “the meaning” or lack thereof, of it all.

We still seek out the connection that we innately need, in romantic partnerships, family, and friendships.

Shifts in politics and the divides in culture and society come and go, as they always have.

Overall, we’re pretty much just as happy, just as driven, as connected to the world and to each other as we were 15 years ago.

Not much has changed, and fundamentally not much will change in the next 15 years, even with the…



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