Employee Advocacy 2.0: Team Growth Storytelling

Erwin Lima
8 min readMay 5, 2023

Yes, connecting the voices of your people to the growth of your brand can be that simple

If you’re still only posting on your company’s social profile and hoping that’s gonna win the war for organic reach & engagement on social media…You’ve got some pretty hard times ahead.

Here’s why Employee Advocacy 1.0 doesn’t work, and how Employee Advocacy 2.0 will help grow your Brand, Demand Gen, and Social Selling.

Here’s your company online and on social media:

Imagine you’re in the town square.

It’s a buzzing square, with some people you know and a lot of people you don’t know. For some reason, there’s a goat. Children playing.

You notice that there are already quite a lot of stalls from merchants selling their wares, and a lot of people putting up and handing out signposts and pamphlets; loud salespeople randomly trying to strike up conversations with passersby.

There are even some folks who are seemingly constantly getting up on milk crates to tell whoever…



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