What tech addiction is, why it’s a problem, and how to solve it

Welcome to your first Tech Addicts Anonymous Meeting. I’m Erwin, and I am addicted to social media.

Who wants to stand up next? Do you have a problem? Or are you afraid someone you know might have an addiction to social media or digital technology in general? Let’s get into it, and let’s solve the problem, a.s.a.p.

Of course, the problem of social media and tech addiction has extra relevance in 2021, after or during the covid-19 pandemic and under worldwide lockdown conditions. …

Steven Kotler on Flow State, Motivation and Peak Performance

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Hi there. Please allow me to interrupt your flow of working or doing research online, or, alternatively, your flow of procrastinating — to talk to you about Flow for a second. By the way, how’s your focus doing?

I promise you, it’ll be worth your while. Here’s what I’m talking about:

In doing research for my upcoming book on “How to find your Purpose and Live it”, I stumbled upon some fantastic insights on Flow State, peak-performance and motivation. I was taking notes almost frantically, listening to Steven Kotler speaking to Aubrey Marcus on the Aubrey Marcus podcast, here:

Maximizing the Value of Our Time, Attention, Energy and Tech

How’s that lockdown working out for ya?

How are you doing, now that you are resigned to spending so much of your time indoors and online? What effect does it have on your mental health? On your relationships? Your growth?

I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that you don’t feel as if it’s being made easier for you to be the best version of yourself. To flourish, blossom, and thrive; to grow.

That’s probably why you’re reading this in the first place. Otherwise, you best turn around and see if you can get your money back.

This is…

Solving Technology or Smartphone Addiction and Protecting your Mental Health 3/6

Oh, don’t worry — it’s only a lockdown where in stead of 50% of your waking time you’re now going to be living your life through digital screens 80 or 90% of the time. You’ll be fine.

An Open Letter to Paulo Coelho — What I Have Learned

Image taken from www.amazon.com

An open letter to Paulo Coelho, or a very convoluted review of The Archer, The Zahir, and The Alchemist — or both

Hilarious, that when I click your name here on Medium, it says “Paulo Coelho hasn’t written any stories yet.” I beg to differ.

Dear Master,

I am writing to you today because I finally hear my calling, and more so than that; I finally see my path. This after a long and tumultuous time of introspection, experimentation, and many long hard chats and equally long, hard contemplation, and many a sleepless night. It’s been a rough year for me, personally.

And I’m not there, just yet.

I read The Archer recently. And it was so inspirational and so timely, so…

Solving Technology or Smartphone Addiction and Protecting your Mental Health 2/6

In this series of articles, I share some of the insights I gathered in writing my book ‘Life Beyond the Touch Screen’. Then I’ll share some further insights into addiction and addictive technology — and, perhaps more importantly:

I’ll share the — scientifically sound and research-backed — steps I took, and the steps I advise anybody to take to combat smartphone or tech addiction and to maintain, protect and even promote your mental health.

In this second…

A useful, short, meditational, mindful and mental health promoting book for your weekend reading?

I got you.

How much of our time do we now spend online? How is it helping us to be happy, to thrive, and to become a better version of ourselves?

How can we combat the negative effects of digital distraction and information overload, especially now?

How to take care of your digital wellbeing

Do you want to start taking better care of your mental health this weekend? You can start by doing an exercise in awareness and checking your own digital habits. Check out the e-book “Life Beyond the Touch Screen” on my website, and start taking better care of yourself this weekend.

What does this book…

Solving Technology Overuse or Smartphone Addiction and Protecting your Mental Health 1/6

See how intelligent that dude’s looking, staring at his screen? Look at him. You can almost hear the intelligence breathing hard from his slightly open mouth.

This is exactly how smart you’re looking right now, my friend. Whatever your skin tone, sex/gender, creed; whether you’re reading this on mobile, desktop, or laptop, and whether or not you’re wearing glasses right now.

This is you, right now.

In this series of articles, I share some of the insights I gathered in writing my book ‘Life Beyond the Touch Screen’. …

Award-winning book Life Beyond the Touch Screen can help protect your mental health

Award-winning book Life Beyond the Touch Screen by Erwin Lima

February 2021. The events of 2020 and early 2021 are leading to heightened stress and risk of digital burnout. Except for you. The book “Life Beyond the Touch Screen” (award-winning, critically acclaimed) can be the starting point for taking back control over our mental health, focus, and overall wellbeing. But I guess that’s not for you.

Mental health starts with awareness and self-care. In 2021, it starts with digital self-care.

Oh, no, you’re probably fine. This is not about you. You don’t spend too much time online or on your devices. Nooo. You’re certainly not spending insane amounts of time…

Freedom 2021

Release 2020

If anything this year has taught
It has been — to look within.

To connect though we are absent
And be grateful in the present.

This has been a year of questions.

Why are we truly here?

Is there life beyond the lockdown?
Is there life beyond the screen?
Is there any glimpse of freedom, light;
As dark as it may seem?

This year gave being mindful
A new meaning.

So let’s give a new meaning
To new years and new beginnings;

In diversity find unity,
In renewed purpose, freedom;

Let 2020 be the tension
The drawing of the bow

Erwin Lima

Exploring and maximising human potential. I write about tech, marketing, writing, love, money, society; life. Find my newest book here: https://lifebeyond.one/

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